Seasonal Candles

Snowballs that glow, Stars with suprises and Hurricanes as well.


Looks like the real thing, though ours won't get water all over your floors. These beautiful candles are hand frosted and sparkled. No snowball I've ever made glows like this one does!

Large Snowball Candle: 5" dia.
Burning time approx. 70 hrs.

Small Snowball Candle: 3" dia.
Burning time approx. 30 hrs.


Christmas Treasures

Christmas is the perfect time for candles. Each with it's own unique pewter charm, these special seasonal colors will accent any decor.

6 point star 6" high
Polished semi-precious gemstones inside
Burning time approx. 40 hrs.

Christmas Treasures
Christmas Luminaries

Check our Luminary products for these seasonal additions. Three unique designs to help decorate for the season.

Size: approx. 5" x 5" x 4.5"
Reusable by placing votives inside.

Christmas Hurricanes
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