Scenic Luminaries

Size: approx. 5" x 5" x 4.5"
Comes with votive & holder
Reusable by placing votives inside.

Maud Lewis

Chester Candles is honoured to be able to offer you this line of Maude Lewisís reproductions. My grandmaís house is about 1/4 mile from where Maude Lewis lived. As a child I remember passing her house on our summer vacations to grandmaís and grandpaís house. I never met her but my mother has many stories about her visits to Maude and Everttís house. If ever there was a diamond in the rough it was Maude. Despite her disability her paintings are bright and convey a feeling of peace, amusement and joy. It is hoped that this luminary of one of Nova Scotiaís best known luminaries for years to come.
Reproduced under license from The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia 2003.

Chester Bandstand

The bandstand in Chester has been a landmark in the community for over 100 years. Originally located behind the old schoolhouse on Queen street, it was built sometime after the first band was organised in 1873. In 1906 it was moved to the parade grounds. A modern version currently sits on the same location. Sometime after that the bandstand was renovated and a lower pitched roof was built. This bandstand is now located in Lordly Park on Central street. Itís picturesque location makes the bandstand a popular spot for visitors and residents. During the summer the Chester Brass Band still uses the bandstand for the occasional concert.

Chester C's Running

Since the sailing ships brought the first settlers to these shores to the present day, sailing plays an important role in the everyday life of Chester. Originally because of a need of vessels for trade and later because of a need for vessels for pleasure, ship building became a major part of the economy. Even today the local boatyards are important to Chesterís economy. Hundreds of boats where built in Chester over the years with the pleasure yachts gaining a reputation for being fast and beautiful. Part of the Heisler family from Tancook Island, opened a boatyard in Chester in 1924. They designed the Chester ëCí class boats. Their beautiful lines and low profiles make them perennial favourites during the local racing season. Locals and visitors alike are delighted by the sight of these boats with their spinnakers flying.

St. John's Church - Lunenburg

It was June 1753 that the first settlers arrived in a small armada of ships from Halifax to build a new town at Merliguish, henceforth to be called Lunenburg.
After labouring for a week building the townís defences, they were allowed a break for the Sabbath, and held their first service in the open-air on a hillside.

Services continued to be held in the open until the building of the church the following year.
The first church was built in meeting house style, for most of the congregation were German Lutherans. The huge central pulpit was the focal point. Like a house, it had windows upstairs and downstairs.
In 1870 the church was moved 25ft. to make room for a chancel, and the entire building was redesigned in English Gothic. In 1890-92 the church was further enlarged in even more impressive style, with attractive Gothic pinnacles all around the roof like some of the English cathedrals.
In 2001 as the community watched in horror towering billows of smoke and sheets of flame poured from all parts of the building. The treasured church of St. Johnís, Lunenburg, with all of itís architectural beauty and two and a half centuries of tradition was gone. This was the communityís saddest hour.
It is our hope that the church will be restored to itís former glory.

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