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What is a Luminary?

Luminary candles were inspired by hurricane lamps. Hurricane lamps were an enclosed lantern used on ships to protect the flame from the wind. Each design on our luminary candle is made from an original hand carved mold made by Chester Candles. The candles are then hand-painted. The lighthouse Luminaries have informative decals on the back. The wax shell is formulated so that it will not melt as the votive is burned.

Back & Front Burning
Size: approx. 5" x 5" x 4.5" Reusable by placing votives inside.
Luminaries are: Guaranteed, Artistic, Reusable, Safe, Convesation Starters, Educational
Evolution a Luminary

Located along the scenic south shore of Nova Scotia, Chester is a quaint village known for its sailing heritage and as a good place to be in the summer. With a spectacular view of the eastern part of Mahone Bay, Bill and Judy sometimes find themselves gazing out at the many islands in the bay instead of working. This environment provides the inspiration for the products that come out of the Chester Candles studio. We are committed to providing you with quality products that enhance your home and lifestyle. They make wonderful accents to a walkway, deck or table and their design makes them an excellent choice for use outdoors.

Here is a brief recollection of how this product line came into being.

Shortly after Bill joined Judy full time in Chester Candles it was suggested that we make a lighthouse candle. It seemed like a good idea and a natural fit for the company because of its location. Up to this point in time Bill had little experience as a carver and mold maker with his only previous efforts being an outhouse replica and a couple of boat floaters. Undaunted they worked out the design problems in between keeping the business and household going. The biggest problem was how to make a product that people could use and still have around to accent their home.

Preliminary designs were full 3-D reproductions. These were expensive to make and they were consumable. We then decided to design a product based on a commercial mold that was available. During the prototype phase we came to the conclusion that these would also be expensive to make and that the people who would buy them would not use them. Finally we decided to adapt the Hurricane Candle design for our luminaries.

Each image is carved into a block of wax. This will become the master for the molds. The master is then placed into a form and the molds are made. The master is then stored in case more molds are needed. The molds are then placed into forms and the luminaries are hand-poured. Once cooled they are trimmed, flattened and then hand-painted. They are inspected for flaws and then the decals (if needed) are added. As each luminary is packed for shipment or in preparation for sale the votive, votive holder, and all printed material is then added. From there via one of many methods it has found its way to your home.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the use or care of your luminary or any other candle you may have. We appreciate any comments or product suggestions you may have.

As we light our way into the future, we illuminate the past.

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