Candle Hints and Tips

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Here are a few pointers to help you enjoy your candles

Bending TipsThe points of our star shaped candles can be gently pulled away from the candle to create a wax sculpture as it burns. To achieve this simply wait until the candle has burned down about an inch or so. Blow out the candle and while the wax is still warm gently bend the tops of the points away from the candle. Light the candle and watch as the points transform themselves into a work of art.

Any candle can be scented simply by adding a drop or two of essential oil to the pool of melted wax as the candle is burning.

Over time beeswax will develop a dusty looking film called bloom. To restore your candles original colour, simply stand the candle in a bright sunny window or gently heat the candle with a hair dryer. Use care when removing the bloom from beeswax candles because it is easy to over heat the wax and damage the candle. Candles should be allowed to cool before using.

Candles hate to burn when they are all alone. Please keep yours within eyesight.

Keep candles away from flammable objects such as curtains, drapes, blankets, etc..

Keep lit candles out of the reach of children.

To prevent smoking candles, uneven burning and the flame from becoming too large, keep the candle out of drafts and keep the wick trimmed to 1/4‰ of black.

Old candles which still have usable wicks can be used as fire starters for camp fires. Simply place the candle atop a small pile of kindling. Place larger wood around and on top of the candle. Then light the candle.

Jar or container candles must be burned until the wax melts to the outside edge of the container to prevent tunnelling. This should be done at least every other time the candle is lit.

After blowing out your candle check the wick to ensure that it is centred particularly with container candles.

Candles enjoy looking their best for you. Please help them by using a pair of tweezers to clean out the wax pool of foreign material as required.

When you light your candles let them burn for awhile. 2 or 3 hours at a time keeps them in good shape.

Container candles make excellent accents to walkways and outside stairs at night.

Exposure to extreme hot or extreme cold can damage your candle. Avoid placing or storing candles in attics, car interiors, car trunks etc.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the colours of your candle. Blue is the most likely to fade the easiest.

Do not place burning candles too close together. The heat generated can cause the candles in the middle of the group to burn unevenly.

Never remove treasures from a burning candle. Always blow-out the candle and use a pair of tweezers to remove the object and wipe off any wax with a cloth before handling.

Always use a suitable holder for your candle or the one supplied with your candle when burning.

Do not move lit candles as melted wax could burn your hand or worse.

Never pour water on burning wax as it will only spread the problem around. If possible remove heat source and smother the flames.

A damp paper towel can be used to clean a blackened container or jar candle. Simply blow out the candle let the container cool the wipe clean.

The life of larger pillars and balls can be extended by burning votive candles once a large enough cavity has been created.

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