Luminary Lifetime Guarantee

This "Art in Wax" Luminary is guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. As long as the burning and care instructions are followed Chester Candles will replace your luminary at no charge, during the lifetime of the registered owner of the luminary, if the luminary becomes damaged during normal use. This does not include shipping and handling charges. This guarantee is limited to the replacement cost of the ?Art in Wax? Luminary only and does not imply any liability on Chester Candles part due to damage caused by using this product. This guarantee will take effect once you register your "Art in Wax" Luminary with Chester Candles. You may register your luminary by:

1) Filling out the enclosed registration card.

2) Register on-line using the Luminary Registration Form

3) Phone 1-902-275-5800 (please leave your name, phone number and a time you may be reached if you reach our answering machine).

Terms and Conditions

1) If the luminary is found to be damaged upon opening the box after your initial purchase of the product return the luminary, in the original box, as well as a brief note explaining the damage to Chester Candles for replacement.

2) This guarantee is null and void if the luminary is used in a manner not intended by Chester Candles or if the product use and care instructions are not followed while using this product.

3) This guarantee is null and void if any candle holder is used inside the luminary other than the supplied holder or if any candle other than a good quality votive candle is used with this product.

4) This guarantee does not cover fading of the luminary colour due to exposure to sunlight.

5) This guarantee applies to the paint peeling off of the carved image but does not apply to paint that has been picked off of the image.

6) Chester Candles reserves the right to repair any luminary possible as long as the repair will restore the luminary to its original appearance while maintaining our high standards of quality and workmanship.

7) Please send your damaged luminary, along with a brief note explaining the damage, to Chester Candles for replacement.

8) Chester Candles reserves the right to question any claim against this replacement guarantee for whatever reason and may require additional information from a claimant before proceeding with a particular claim.